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Hi all and welcome to FOXY FOLKSY!!!about-me

My name is Bebs and I came from  the beautiful islands of the Philippines. I was once a career woman, who worked for hours and hours (and sometimes on weekends and holidays too) in a BPO as a Lead Financial Process Analyst… (don´t let the title scare you) and that was the way I liked it…until I met the man who made me changed my mind.

Now I live with my husband in the Swabian region of south Germany and spend my days being a good housewife (or at least I am trying :-)) .

I am a bit of a tech savvy which is good since my husband is so into gadgets, apps and latest technology. I am fond of DIY (do-it-yourself) projects and crafts and enjoy tinkering with things and finding out how things work. I am very practical and not afraid to try new products to know which ones are the best buys (quality and price). I have to say I am also a social media junkie -cannot start the day without my daily morning dose of Facebook.

Another thing I am passionate about is baking and cooking. Being a full-time housewife enables me to pursue this hobby of mine. The only downfall of this is that, my ever supportive husband gets to carry the burden (literally) from being my food taster and critic. He is also my best costumer :-).


By the way, Armin is now helping out with Foxy Folksy. You will see more of him sharing about his past travels and writing about our travels and trips together.

Armin and I both enjoy travelling or even just having small trips around the area as a perk of living near Lake of Constance (Bodensee) known to be a “dreiländereck” as they call it in german or three-country-border if you translate it literally, we get to cross Austria and  Switzerland in just a couple of minutes and the border of France is just about an hour and half away. When his schedule permits, we try to spend our long vacations in the Philippines with my family. 



I must admit I am fairly new to blogging. I gave it a try only last year but I enjoyed it so much that I decided to put up my own self-hosted blog, the purpose of which is keep our   families, relatives and friends updated on the goings-on in our life and to share (to anyone interested) all the beautiful things, lessons, useful practical tips, recipes, health tips..etc. that I have and might stumble upon.

This blog is, I would say, a work-in-progress. As I am still learning the ropes, you might see some changes on pages or even old posts from time to time, like the photos specially as I try my best to continuously seek to improve the contents and overall more aesthetically pleasing.

I also brought my dog, shih tzu, with me from Philippines her name is Sietema.







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